Atmire updates & articles


RELEASE: DSpace 7.0 Beta 2

Discover the improvements, part of the most recent step forward to a feature-complete DSpace 7.


Academic Open Access book platform OAPEN migrates to DSpace

After ten years on custom built software, and a growth from 700 OA books to over 12,000, OAPEN and Atmire migrated the OAPEN Library to DSpace.


Webinar Recording: DSpace batch editing

Are you frequently correcting author information, adding keywords, reformatting abstracts or resolving duplicates in DSpace? These use cases are just a few examples where DSpace batch editing features can turn a task of hours into a matter of minutes.


Webinar Recording: Repository Usage Statistics

Tips and tricks on how to use and interpret DSpace usage data in Google Analytics


Webinar Recording: Lowering thresholds to access DSpace content

If each item in your repository has an attached file that can be downloaded freely, this webinar is not for you. Are you dealing with bitstreams under embargo, request a copy and metadata-only items? Read on!


Institutions world wide share Open Access research in the fight against COVID19

In less than a week, PAHO and Atmire established a COVID19 subject repository. Read more on how Atmire clients are publicly exposing COVID19 research in their repositories.


March 2020 DSpace repository statistics census

Please report the stats of YOUR repository to the Atmire March 2020 repository statistics census


DSpace repository features for the dissemination of medical research

A closeup on a few selected features facilitating fast and effective dissemination of research.