Open Repository

The advanced repository platform

A sophisticated user interface and power tools for your administrators. Your Open Repository can integrate with PubMed, Scopus, ScienceDirect, Altmetric,, Google Analytics, IRUS and RIOXX. Offered in high availability cloud infrastructure, including your own separate test server.


Open Repository is an enhanced DSpace platform. On top of the extensive feature set of the world’s most popular repository platform including easy content discovery, submissions, workflows, responsive user interface and full text search, Open Repository offers advanced features such as:

  • automated metadata field population during the submission from PubMed, CrossRef, Scopus and ScienceDirect
  • author profiles
  • Content management tools offering WYSIWYG editors and static page creation
  • enhanced statistics
  • Item page enriched with Scopus citation counts, social sharing links and metadata export functionality

Open repository is branded with your institutional logo and colour schema. The platform also offers optional Single Sign-On and CRIS integrations.

Want to stream video or audio files? Just add the Atmire Audiovisual Streaming module.

Enterprise grade cloud hosting

Open Repository leverages the trusted AWS cloud, so you don’t need any infrastructure of your own. Open repository offers an extended cloud infrastructure with:

  • Live (production) server
  • Test server
  • Fallback servers
  • Data backups
  • Full system backups

Your Open Repository infrastructure is designed to offer high availability, with fallback servers taking over when production is confronted with excessive user traffic. After the load issues are resolved, the traffic automatically switches back to the production servers.

The Open Repository backup infrastructure prevents data loss. Open Repository offers you both data backups, and full system backups to ensure your entire system can be restored very quickly. So you can rest assured that your data is safe, with the guarantee that a full backup is made every 24 hour window.


Atmire’s team is there to help you. We’ll guide you through the configuration of your repository and get you entirely up and running.

Support services are included in your subscription to take care of any issues, questions or requests you may have.

Want a demo or more information? Let us know!