Custom DSpace

An institutional repository tailored to your needs

Our team of project managers, developers and tech leads has built some of the most successful tailored repositories. We analyse your use cases and address your specific institutional challenges in minute detail, on your on-premise servers or in the cloud.


Starting from your use cases and those needs your institution aims to address with the repository, Atmire provides advice based on experience from over 200 repository projects worldwide. In collaboration with your stakeholders, Atmire identifies areas that require customization, allowing you to compare advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Areas we can help you to address include:

  • Upgrading to the latest version.
  • Which APIs (SWORD, REST, …) are best suited for integrating with a specific campus service?
  • How to integrate with your campus Single Sign On service and automate authorization management?
  • How to migrate content from a legacy system?
  • Optimizing institutional visibility in Google Scholar and other aggregators
  • Which types of reports and statistics are needed for different stakeholders?

Repository development

The Open Source codebase provides a great starting point, but eventually, some customizations might be required. Atmire’s repository development services are aimed at bridging this gap. Configuration changes and custom code are created to address your specific needs.

Atmire frequently develops solutions on the following topics:

  • System integration with on-campus and 3rd party services
  • Institutional branding for your repository
  • Aligning discovery to specific types of content
  • Streamlining manual and batch submission of content
  • Reducing execution time for recurring administrative processes
  • Multilingual metadata and interface requirements

Support and Maintenance

Atmire provides rapid on demand remote application support and maintenance services.

Even in situations where you are primarily relying on in-house resources for existing repositories, Atmire can act as 2nd line support for your in-house team, addressing particularly challenging problems or bugs.

DSpace support services include:

  • Day to day support for your repository administrators and IT department.
  • Development and implementation for configuration changes and customizations.
  • Emergency tech support and data recovery
  • Repository user experience optimization


A custom DSpace can be deployed on your own infrastructure or on Atmire’s managed cloud hosting. In either case you choose between the following dedicated servers:

  • Production, Development, and test servers
  • Fallback and performance optimization servers (cold standby)
  • Backup servers

In any scenario you remain in control of the server infrastructure. So you can perform code or configuration changes the way you want.

Add-on modules

Aside from code and functionality that is entirely developed on demand for your institution, you can also benefit from Atmire’s own research and development. The following modules are each aimed at addressing particular use cases that might be applicable to your repository.

Discuss your requirements with our team.