DSpace Hosting

Atmire's managed hosting services leverage Amazon's Web Services infrastructure. This way you benefit from a combination of Atmire's DSpace expertise and the trustworthiness of Amazon's AWS infrastructure.

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  • Scales according to storage, compute and bandwidth needsAtmire's DSpace hosting offers you the exact server infrastructure your repository needs. Whether you need more storage, computing power or bandwidth, your Atmire hosting server can be upgraded within an instance.
  • Host your DSpace server in your geographic region of choiceAmazon Web Services' datacenters are located around the globe. This allows you to host your DSpace in your preferred geographic region.
  • Direct Secure Shell (SSH) accessYou have SSH access to your hosting server, which allows you to keep control over your DSpace's configuration.
  • Includes backups and infrastructure security updatesCommitted to safeguarding your content, Atmire keeps track of security updates for you. Regular backups and an integrated disaster recovery plan ensure that your content won't get lost.

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