DSpace Hosting

Atmire's managed hosting services leverage Amazon's Web Services infrastructure. This way you benefit from a combination of Atmire's DSpace expertise and the trustworthiness of Amazon's AWS infrastructure.

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  • Standard Software as a Service DSpace hostingDSpace Express hosting is Atmire's most affordable offering. The hosting service includes upgrades of your DSpace software, security updates, backups and a test server shared with other clients. DSpace Express is home to small and very large repositories.
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  • Premium Software as a Service DSpace hostingOn top of the benefits provided by DSpace Express hosting, Open Repository hosting includes a standby server that increases availability and performance even more. Every Open Repository client can use a dedicated test instance of their own repository.
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  • Custom DSpace - Managed HostingAtmire offers fully tailored and dedicated Amazon Webservice Instance. Together with you, we procure the exact server resources you need, in which geographic region. On these machines, we can manage entirely custom installations of the DSpace software for your institutions.
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