DSpace Customization

Atmire's team of DSpace experts can customize your repository by modifying existing functionality or creating entirely new features. Here are just a few examples of the types of work we can assist with.

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  • Upgrading to a newer version of DSpaceWe will port those customizations you wish to keep and create additional ones. Your users can keep using the full functionality of the old version until the scheduled rollout of your newly upgraded DSpace.
  • Authentication and AuthorizationThe DSpace Groups and Policy functionality offers granular, manual control over permissions. Efficiency can be gained by hooking up DSpace to your single sign-on infrastructure together with establishing rules for automatically assigning permissions.
  • Institutional look and feelBased on your corporate brand guidelines or an example website, Atmire can adjust the standard colours, fonts and layout of the different DSpace pages.
  • Import and exportMetadata and full text can be imported from a variety of different structured data sources. Custom export functionality for administrators or end users can make it easier to re-use repository contents in other applications.
  • Extending or adjusting default DSpace functionalityIf standard DSpace features provide insufficient flexibility to address your specific use cases, Atmire can replace or extend them. We make frequent adjustments for institution specific requirements to the DSpace features for embargo, versioning and submitting content.

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