DSpace Customization

Atmire's team of DSpace experts can customize your repository by modifying existing functionality or creating entirely new features. Here are just a few examples of the types of work we can assist with.

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  • Single Sign OnAtmire can build integrations with your institutional Single Sign on infrastructure.
  • CRIS System IntegrationDoes your institution rely on a CRIS system, such as PURE, Symplectic Elements or Converis as the single point of content submission for your researchers? Atmire can ensure that the content submitted to the CRIS system is reliably exposed and stored in an Open Access DSpace repository.
  • Author Profiles, WYSIWYG editing, Batch uploads, ...Atmire's Open Repository platform has a featureset that greatly exceeds the standard capacities of a DSpace repository.
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  • Contribute custom functionality to the DSpace projectHelp the DSpace community and lower your own customization maintenance overhead by contributing your customizations to a future release of DSpace, or by publishing them as freely available patches.
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  • Bespoke development and customization services Atmire analysts, engineers and tech leads can scope bespoke customizations and work packages for your institution, working closely according to your specification in order to achieve very specific goals with DSpace.
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