DSpace Solutions

An affordable SaaS Open Access repository? Very specific custom development? We provide both.

A range of opportunities

Each repository project has its own needs and requirements. With a range of products aimed at different needs we are able to provide a range of opportunities, from a quickly set-up ready-to-use repository (DSpace Express), a premium repository with a whole set of extra features (Open Repository), to a custom built repository which is tailored to your demands. The decision is up to you. If your requirements shift over time, we can always switch you to a different solution.

Pay only for what you need

We highly believe that our customers should only pay for what they really need. For that reason our Software as a Service platforms can scale to the perfect size so you’re not charged for more than you need. Also, our maintenance and support services are available on demand to assist you only with what you really want us to.


All of our products are built upon DSpace. As Atmire has stuck to this platform since 2006, we have built great experience and expertise. This expertise has led to the fact that more than 30 % of the DSpace committers, which is the group of people having autonomous control over the DSpace codebase, is part of Atmire.

Our expertise made insititutions like the World bank, United Nations and the University of Cambridge choose Atmire as their institutional repository service provider.

US and EU presence

Atmire has offices in New York (US) and Belgium (EU). Having this presence ensures a smooth coverage of different time zones, which makes it easy to set up a meeting or get support at a convenient time.

The DSpace advantage

DSpace has a massive community with over 2000 DSpace repositories running around the globe. The size and level of activity of this community drive a continuous development of the platform. Atmire is glad to be part of this community. Within our role as a registered DuraSpace service provider we do not only provide services for DSpace, or build repositories with the platform. We also dedicate part of our time to further improve and extend the platform.

From its nature, the DSpace repository platform already has extensive features such as easy content discovery, submissions, workflows, responsive user interface and full text search. As we take this platform as a starting point even our most lightweight products already include a full repository feature set.