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February 22, 2017
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DuraSpace is organizing three DSpace Webinars. Join them to learn more about topics such as DSpace 7 and the new User Interface, using DSpace for data and how to contribute to the DSpace project.

Announcing: DuraSpace Hot Topics Webinar Series, "Introducing DSpace 7: Next Generation UI"

DuraSpace is pleased to announce its latest Hot Topics Webinar Series, "Introducing DSpace 7: Next Generation UI"

Curated by Claire Knowles, Library Digital Development Manager, The University of Edinburgh.

The next generation UI for DSpace, DSpace 7, is currently being crafted by developers and technologists from DuraSpace, Atmire, 4Science, Texas A&M and other institutions. The team is looking forward to sharing the reasons behind why we are so excited about working on DSpace 7 with our community in a 3-part webinar series that aims to engage you, our valued community in this initiative.

The new, single UI (User Interface) for DSpace implements all functionality currently available in JSPUI and XMLUI. The interface will interact with DSpace core data through the REST API to insure complete separation of the user layer from the data layer. It will be built as a modern responsive client side web application using Angular 2. The Angular 2 user interface (UI) and refactoring the REST API will support a dynamic user experience. These efforts were born from the ideas presented at Open Repositories 2016 (“Introducing the New DSpace User Interface” slides).

Get on board–join us for 3-part webinar series entitled, “Introducing DSpace 7: Next Generation UI.” Each webinar will be one hour and will conclude with time for a Q&A session with the presenters.

Introducing DSpace 7

February 28, 2017 at 11:00a.m. ET

This webinar will enlighten the DSpace community about aspects of DSpace 7 development, an overview of the Rest API and Angular UI, the efforts and contributions of the outreach group. This webinar will be presented by: Claire Knowles - The University of Edinburgh, Art Lowel - Atmire, Andrea Bollini - 4Science, Tim Donohue - DuraSpace.

DSpace for Data: issues, solutions and challenges

March 7, 2017 at 11:00a.m. ET

Managing, providing access, and preserving research data is a growing concern for many libraries as data preservation requirements and the data itself increase in size and complexity. Join us for a discussion of how DSpace can be used for research data, a look at changes that Dryad and Datashare have made to DSpace to support research data, general research data storage issues, and what types of additional Metadata are required to manage research data. This webinar will be presented by: Claire Knowles and Pauline Ward - The University of Edinburgh, Ryan Scherle - Dryad Digital Repository.

How to contribute to DSpace –be a part of the team!

March 15, 2017 at 11:00a.m. ET

DSpace needs you! Learn how you, a valued DSpace community member, can continue to advance DSpace. This webinar will highlight simple ways in which our community can get involved in resolving the bugs, testing, code contributions and how DCAT and other working and discussion groups can benefit from our DSpace users. This webinar will be presented by: Claire Knowles - The University of Edinburgh, Bram Luyten - Atmire, Hardy Pottinger - University of California Los Angeles, Maureen Walsh - The Ohio State University and Kim Shepherd - DSpace Developer and Committer.

DuraSpace web seminars fill up fast so be sure to reserve your spot today! Register here today!

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