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January 10, 2018
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Arts et Métiers and Atmire collaborated on a major upgrade to the SAM Repository. Apart from shiny new looks, the new version introduces an enhanced submission process and is tightly integrated with HAL.

Started in 2013, SAM contains scientific content published by labs within Arts et Métiers since 2007. Since then, success has been achieved: last year, 900.000 views and 60.000 downloads were served by the repository. In the meanwhile, the base of content has grown to over 2900 articles. SAM attracts visitors from all over the world. Aside from France, visits are originating from the United States, Germany, China, Canada, ... for a total of 160 countries.

A better view on Arts et Métiers research output

SAM contributes to improve visibility of the work performed within Arts et Métiers. Furthermore, it subscribes to the Open Science movement which aims to give anyone access to scientific research and data. Christine Ollendorff, Head Librarian

An easier and faster submission process

The concept of the repository is easy to understand. Researchers put their articles online and their submissions are validated by librarians who ensure that the publisher and author rights are respected.

It was however tedious to go through the submission process in the previous version of SAM. The upgraded version comes with a lot of improvements in this regard.

It’s now much easier and faster with the new version, particularly with the “automatic submission”, based on pre-filled fields imported from Crossref. Furthermore, the different steps have been renamed and clarified. Today, the whole submission process takes only 5 minutes, compared to at least 10 minutes before. Christine Ollendorff, Head Librarian

HAL Integration

SAM was already integrated with the French National Open Archive portal HAL. During the upgrade, the new HAL patch that ensures compatibility between DSpace 6 and the HAL website has been successfully installed on SAM repository. Those items that comply to the HAL inclusion criteria and deposit rules, are automatically pushed from SAM to HAL.

SAM also heavily uses HAL authority control infrastructure. For example, the whole vocabulary of "laboratoires", or institutional departments, is available in real time through the SAM user interface. This enables a submitter or administrator to import not only the institutional, but the departmental affiliation of the author, and to register this correctly, together with the person's role, on the publication.

Open Source release

Atmire is working together with a range of French stakeholders to generalise and package the functionality of the HAL integration into an Open Source patch. This patch is expected to be released in the course of 2019. Contact us today if you are interested in early adoption or contribution to this work.


This article is based on the original press release available at artsetmetiers.fr.

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