Citation Styles for DSpace Released by University of Bordeaux

December 6, 2020
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Vancouver, Harvard, Nature, IEEE ... it is now possible to export your DSpace metadata in any citation style of your choice.

Thanks to funding and support from the University of Bordeaux (within the framework IdEx Bordeaux n° ANR 10-IDEX-03-02), Atmire implemented a free and Open Source patch for DSpace 6, that adds support for the popular Citation Style Language.

This functionality was originally developed and deployed for Oskar-Bordeaux, the DSpace 6.3 XMLUI repository of the University of Bordeaux.

Both on item pages, and on search results pages, this patch adds a "Citations" button, where a selection of styles is available, configured by the repository administrator.

Any logged in user, can add additional citation style language exports from the "Citations format" page. On this page, administrators have the extra functionality to make a new style available for all users.

Export formats

After selecting a particular style export, users can choose between five export formats:

  • HTML
  • Text
  • Asciidoc
  • FO
  • RTF

Source code and Installation instructions

Head over to for the source code and installation instructions for this feature. Contact us if you are in need of services to deploy this functionality to your DSpace repository.

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