Atmire acquires Longsight DSpace business

June 15, 2017
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Longsight, Inc. and Atmire are pleased to announce the transition of Longsight’s DSpace business to Atmire.

The transaction will ensure that Longsight’s DSpace clients get the best possible support in years to come while Longsight strengthens its focus on the open source learning management system, Sakai, and related technologies. Atmire and Longsight share a long history of supporting open source software and placing high value on the success of each client.

The transition to Atmire’s stewardship has been carefully planned to ensure a smooth transition of services for the repositories. DSpace repositories hosted by Longsight remain in their respective regions of the AWS cloud. Responsibility for hosting services transferred to Atmire as of June 6th, 2017. DSpace repositories hosted locally by each client also remain unchanged, with support services now provided by Atmire.

The primary goal for this transaction has always been to ensure that our clients’ repositories are hosted and managed reliably with the best possible support. Scott Siddall, Longsight President

After the successful acquisition of Open Repository, Atmire is pleased to be able to announce further expansion of its hosted DSpace repositories services by building upon the excellent services provided by Longsight to their former clients. Lieven Droogmans, Atmire CEO

About Atmire

Atmire accelerates scholarly communication by assisting institutions in making their content openly available through institutional repositories.

Atmire is a DuraSpace registered service provider and technical leader of the global community that drives the evolution of the DSpace platform to meet diverse client needs. The company sits among the top contributors to the Open Source DSpace platform.

More than 200 institutions from 40 countries already rely on Atmire’s services for the installation, customization, hosting or maintenance of their DSpace repository. Atmire also offers add-on modules to extend the functionality of DSpace. Atmire employs a team of repository experts from its offices in Belgium, the US and the UK.

About Longsight

Longsight has provided comprehensive services in support of open source applications for higher education for more than 16 years. Today, Longsight is the leading provider of hosting and support services for Sakai, the truly open source learning management system created by and for higher education. Longsight serves clients openly and flexibly so they benefit as much as possible from the intellectual contributions of their peers in the Sakai community.

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