Institutions world wide share Open Access research in the fight against COVID19


In less than a week, PAHO and Atmire established a COVID19 subject repository. Read more on how Atmire clients are publicly exposing COVID19 research in their repositories.

As the latest client to go live on Atmire's DSpace Express platform, contains PAHO COVID19 guidance and the latest research in the Americas.

The searchable database provides access to technical guidelines, scientific publications, and ongoing research protocols from the Americas and affected countries worldwide regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Recommendations and guidance from the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization are also included, making it a useful platform of trusted information for decision and policy-making authorities, researchers, health professionals, and individuals.

The literature is organized into three main categories: Save Lives, Protect Health Care Workers, and Slow the Spread. Other filters including subcategories, type of study, authorship, and language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and others) are also available.

With over 3 million downloads in an average month, WHO's central repository IRIS was already very frequently visited before the outbreak. Usage has surged to over 8 million downloads in the past month, primarily due to the exposure and traffic related to COVID19 items

Harvard University is fast tracking COVID19 related publications and has recently been making this clear to faculty with a large sign on the DASH homepage.

Lenus, the Irish Health Research repository, has dedicated its latest Lenus spotlight newsletter to their newly added COVID19 related publications.

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