Griffith Research Online (GRO) reaches milestone of 20 million downloads


Discover more about this Open Access beacon on Australia's gold coast.

GRO’s purpose is to make research discoverable and equitable with nearly half of its over 90,000 research outputs being open access, meaning full text articles are freely available to all. The availability of research outputs is not only vital within the research community, nationally and internationally, but also within society at large. GRO makes research discoverable to those who are unable to go into a library and easily access paid academic journals or databases. GRO contains a wide range of resources including:

  • 60,740 Journal articles
  • 13,029 Conference papers
  • 8,804 Book chapters
  • 3,915 Griffith Higher Degree by Research theses
  • 2,230 Books
  • 718 Reports
  • 174 Creative works

Throughout a collaboration that started in 2015, Atmire and the Griffith University repository team have improved GRO together. Projects in which custom repository features are co-created according to a client-controlled roadmap, are the key focus of Atmire's Custom DSpace team.

A range of both end user and administrator specific features for viewing and analysing usage statistics, is offered through Atmire's Content and Usage Analysis module. GRO runs on Atmire Managed Hosting, for which Griffith University was able to choose the desired geographic location for its dedicated servers in the AWS cloud.

A home for datasets

For the new GRO Research Data collection, Atmire recently added the functionality to mint DOIs directly in DSpace, leveraging an integration with DataCite and the Australian Research Data Commons.

Being able to contribute to a portal worthy of sharing content as excellent as Griffith University research output, is what makes me get up in the morning. Together with our developers and tech leads, I am proud to see that the institution is rewarded with world wide attention.

David Cavrenne, Project Manager

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