DSpace Support

Our team provides operational first- and second line support services. These services can be used for any type of DSpace related question. One area is treating emergencies, such as resolving downtime or deploying security hotfixes. Less urgent interventions including changes to the DSpace configuration or functionality can also be addressed.

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  • Standard level response time is 48 business hoursYour Atmire project manager is committed to provide the initial response to your issue within 48 hours after you issue a new ticket.
  • Response to critical issues within 6 business hoursFor issues that require faster intervention than the standard level, the critical level can be used.
  • Pay per useOur support framework contracts are essentially a pay per use system. In this system, your institution procures a balance of support credits, to be then committed to specific issues. The issue tracking system provides monthly and quarterly overviews of credits consumed.
  • Transparent and secure track record of communicationAtmire's issue tracking system is the central interface where the entire dialogues for all issues are logged. The contents of the ticket replies are distributed by email. Attachments can be securely uploaded to ticket replies: these secure attachments are not distributed over email.
  • Personal Atmire point of contactA specific project manager is the dedicated point of contact for treating your incoming support requests.

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