DSpace Installation

Atmire provides technical services to assist your institution in the installation and initial configuration of DSpace. With over 100 DSpace repositories installed, our team has valuable experience in deploying DSpace on Windows and Linux based infrastructure.

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  • Technical prerequisites verificationPrior to the start of the project, Atmire provides a list of prerequisites to ensure that your infrastructure is compatible with our deployment process
  • Git based version controlA copy of your DSpace source code is managed in Atmire's Git based version control infrastructure. Optionally, the codebase can be committed to your own Git infrastructure or 3rd party infrastructure such as Github.
  • Maven based configuration managementTo keep configuration for different servers separate, Atmire organizes environment specific parameters in different maven profiles.
  • Deployment on your infrastructure of choiceAtmire can install DSpace on both Windows and Linux based servers.
  • Server migrationIf you are decomissioning existing DSpace servers, Atmire can provide an installation of DSpace on one of your new servers in support of this migration.
  • Database supportBy default, DSpace is installed and deployed with a PostgreSQL database. If your institution subscribes to Oracle DB licenses, the DSpace database can also be established in an OracleDB infrastructure in collaboration with your DB Admin team.

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