RELEASE: DSpace 7.0 Beta 3


Discover the improvements, part of the most recent step forward to a feature-complete DSpace 7.

Lyrasis, Atmire and other contributing institutions are comitting effort at high levels in 2020. The third beta includes a number of features that are entirely new in DSpace 7, as well as re-worked features already present in DSpace 6.


DSpace 7 repository administrators now have a user interface to track the execution of processes that were previously only available on the back-end.

Administer Active workflows

Through a new page to administer active workflows, repository managers can now delete or send back tasks in the workflow, regardless of which user these tasks are currently assigned to. This gives both a new level of oversight, as well as effective means to intervene.

New user registration

The known, safe way to register a new user has now been re-implemented in DSpace 7. After filling out their email address, new users receive a special link that allows them to set a password. Passwords for DSpace accounts are never sent in clear text via email, and are stored encrypted on the back end.

Additional features

  • Manage Account Profile
  • Login As (Impersonate)
  • Authorization Policy Management for Items
  • Item Templates for Collections
  • CC License
  • Angular CLI

Source: DSpace 7 Release Notes

Your DSpace 7 upgrade?

Even though 7.0 is still a few months away, you can start preparing today.

Make sure you have a good and up to date overview of those areas of DSpace where you have altered the default configuration, or where you have added customization to the code. For each area of customization, make the assessment whether it's necessary to be ported to your DSpace 7 repository. Either you still need it, or it could be dropped from the upgrade scope, either because it is no longer necessary, or because it has been replaced by a good default DSpace 7 feature. This can happen when new DSpace 7 features address the use case for which you originally added the customization to an older version of DSpace.

Upgrades are included in DSpace Express and Open Repository

If you are a current or aspiring client of Atmire's hosted DSpace Express or Open Repository services, know that the upgrade to DSpace 7 is part of your annual subscription fees. Our team is already working on the initial preparations to ensure that existing clients can get upgraded, and that new clients for the service will be able to start easily with DSpace 7.

Contact us today to learn more about DSpace Express and Open Repository