Atmire updates & articles


Curtin University trades Digitool for DSpace

Atmire migrated Curtin's institutional repository espace from Digitool to DSpace 5. Read the article to learn more about the project and the new espace features!


DuraSpace Hot Topics: Join the free webinars

DuraSpace is organizing three DSpace Webinars. Join them to learn more about topics such as DSpace 7 and the new User Interface, using DSpace for data and how to contribute to the DSpace project.


Art Lowel: From commitment to committer

After years of commitment to the DSpace project, Art Lowel officially receives the status of DSpace Committer


Automate Elsevier content submissions to your DSpace

View the recording of the December webinar, to learn more about the Open Source add-ons Atmire has built for facilitating imports from ScienceDirect.


It's not about the code, but what you're coding for

A few months ago we were once again on a quest for new co-workers. Selecting candidates based on a few conversations and tests is always an intense process. Luckily, there’s always one important indicator telling us if a candidate may be suited for a job at Atmire.


Atmire acquires Open Repository

Atmire NV has entered into an agreement to acquire Open Repository, BioMed Central's repository service for academic institutions, charities, NGOs and research organisations.


Your Atmire advantage

To get a clear view on whether DSpace and Atmire services are right for your organization, a short list of important challenges that you need to address is a good starting point. Our offering is a proven successful match for the following key challenges.


Atmire Support Holidays 2017

Extended response times on all Atmire services apply on following holidays. In case you explicitly require services during these days, contact your Atmire representative.